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11 second club February competion

Last month I participated in the competition of the 11 Second Club. It was a difficult audio file but managed to come up with a good idea. I ended 82nd out of 263 entries and I must say I’m quite satisfied with that result. I could have done better since I wasn’t completely satisfied with my animation but time was up and I had to hand in my piece. I got some good critiques and I’m planning to work on my animation so I can be completely satisfied with it.

For people who are not familiar with the 11 second club, the 11 Second Club is a monthly contest for character animation. Every month the contestants get an 11 second audio clip from a movie or tv show and with that clip they have to create their animation. They have exactly one month to finish their animation. By the end of the month all the members of the site will vote who created the best animation and that person will win a online critique of their work by a professional animator from for example Pixar or Dreamworks. Please visit the 11 second club website.

Anyways here is my entry. As I said I’m going to fine tune it a bit more. I’ll keep you posted.

February Entry 11 Second Club



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