As an experienced 3d generalist I can provide a multitude of services for your specific project. Whether I work on location or remotely, I can help you reach your deadlines. Or if you have an idea and want it turned into an animation, I can help you with that. Please feel free to contact me for more information about my services and rates.


Either by traditional polygon modeling or by using sculpting software, I can help you realize the 3d models you need for your project. Things like texturing and rigging are taken into account during the modeling process to ensure the best possible usage for your model in the animation pipeline.


Using stock photos or custom painted textures I can give your model the look you are looking for. This is either done in Photoshop or a 3d texture painting program. Created with proper uv’s ensures the best possible use in your animation pipeline.


Whether it is a mechanical object, prop or a character I can create a rig for it. Creating animator friendly rigs makes it easy for the animators to use and have a fast turnaround. By discussing the requirements of the rig I can build the features you need.


Creating believable animation is a true passion of mine. Giving personality to props or characters is what makes the difference. If you have something that needs believable motion, I can animate it for you whether it needs to be realistic or cartoony.


I can help you light, shade and render your animation in any look you may require. From photo-realistic to cartoony I can help you achieve it. I have knowledge of the major render engines used in the industry.


This is where everything comes together, where we dot the I’s and cross the the T’s. By compositing all the elements together we create a coherent final product with the look you are after. This includes blending in 3d animation into live-action footage or putting green screen footage of people in an imaginary world.

Some software I use

A selection of the different software I am able to use in order to create my animations.

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