3d generalist


As a young kid I always liked to draw. Other kids wanted to be a firefighter or pilot when they grew up, but I knew from a very young age I wanted to do something with drawing. Always a fan of the Disney animated films, I slowly started to realize that people were making a living out of making animated films. When in 1995 Toy Story came out, it blew me away and opend my eyes for new posibilities. From that moment on I knew what I wanted to do.

Not knowing which part of the process I wanted to specialize, I dove into 3d animation software to teach myself the fundamentals. At the same time I was struggling to find the right education for me. After spending 1,5 year at Art School, I found out this was not the right place for me at that time. Eventually I ended up at SAE Institute where I received my Bachelors of Arts in Filmmaking, thinking a more general education about film making could not harm me. I figured I would teach myself the animation part by reading, tutorials and courses online. Slowly I found out I started to develop a passion for character animation. This was something I wanted to do professionally and get better at. During my time at SAE I had to do an intership and I ended up at Studio 05 in Amsterdam. I learned a lot in that period about designing and the industry. After getting my degree I did some freelance work for them as well. But I still had the urge to go traveling and the past year I have been traveling through Canada and the United States. Now I am at the start of my career hoping to continually develop my animation skills and eventually make it to be a character animator professionally. At this moment I consider myself more as a 3d generalist with a mission to learn everthing about character animation.