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I’ve been busy with some analog sculpting lately. First time ever doing this and it’s a lot of fun. I’m using oil based clay. Here is what I did so far.    

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Little Ghost

I did this little test to see if I can create a character with maya fluids. Needed a bit of research to create the volumetric feel for the body. In the end I used soup nodes in combination with Maya fluids. If you haven’t checked out the soup nodes please do so. They are a great addition to the standard maya dynamics nodes. You can find more information about them at As you can see this test is inpired by the Whisps creatures in Pixars Brave.  

16 December 2013 0 Comments Category: Uncategorized

11 secondclub reloaded

I’ve been busy reworking my last 11 second club entry.  I wasn’t really satisfied with the end result. So I re-animated 80 percent of the scene and I think it is much better. I also redid the rendering and at the moment I’m busy compositing. I will post the end result real soon but for now here is a before and after.

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Coursera Introduction to Python

As of last week I started the Coursera course Introduction to interactive programming in Python. I hope this will help me to understand python to the extent I can implement it to automate aspects of the rigging process in Maya. So far it is a really nice course to begin to understand the workings of Python. I can highly recommend it!

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11 second club February competion

Last month I participated in the competition of the 11 Second Club. It was a difficult audio file but managed to come up with a good idea. I ended 82nd out of 263 entries and I must say I’m quite satisfied with that result. I could have done better since I wasn’t completely satisfied with my animation but time was up and I had to hand in my piece. I got some good critiques and I’m planning to work on my animation so I can be completely satisfied with it. […]